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Christmas seems to be the most popular, and hopefully, peaceful time of the year. Decorations twinkle and sparkle almost anywhere you go. Houses are lit up in the nighttime with outside lights reflecting off of the snow and the Christmas trees clearly seen in front windows. It's a wonderful time of the year.

I have always had trouble finding presents for everyone who is on my list. Since I work in a small office, I like to give my coworkers something small. I cannot afford to get everyone on my list what they may ideally be dreaming off for Christmas, but I try. Last year, I decided I was going to be creative and make something for some people. I saw a picture of a beautiful Christmas ornament in a craft magazine that I thought perhaps I could make. At least, I could make a Christmas ornament that would be unique to everyone. The supplies were relatively cheap. I went to a local craft store and bought paints and brushes. The Christmas balls that I choose were plain white or silver. I also bought some colored glitters that I may find a use for.

Getting an idea for a Unique Christmas gift ornament for everyone was the most difficult part. Some people were less predictable so I would choose something generic for them. But the best part was, once I started, the ideas just flowed. The first Christmas ornament I did was an attempt at making snowflakes. It didn't turn out that way, but ended up looking very modern and creative. I smiled afterwards. Though it took a definite turn away from what I had planned, I loved it. I followed that one with a few more Christmas ornaments. A coworker had recently gotten married, so I decided that would be a theme for her Christmas ornament. I put the year and two interlocking hearts on it. I even managed to put some glitter on the hearts. It turned out wonderfully. For a coworker who recently had a baby, I also put the year on her Christmas ornament and her son's name. I attempted to draw a rattle, but when it turned out horribly, I changed it to something more artsy. It looked great. I made a Christmas ornament or several for my family members. I couldn't wait to give them to everyone.

I gave the designated Christmas ornament to my coworkers a week before Christmas. That way, they could enjoy them before the holiday. Each one of them absolutely loved their Christmas ornament and the fact that it was handmade. My family members were the same way. Since I had a personalized Christmas ornament for them, each person had a Christmas ornament that was truly a Unique Christmas gift and special only to them. My christmas gift idea was a hit with everyone and this was especially gratifying to me for this special holiday season.

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