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A Perfect Table Top Christmas Tree 

  table top christmas tree
My mother suggested to me that she wanted a table top Christmas tree this year. I was a little surprised and sad at the same time. I immediately visioned a miniature balsam Christmas tree with tiny decorative christmas tree ornaments sitting about one or two feet in height. While this seems like a great thing for a child I was a little taken back that an adult would want such an item.

Mom’s hints kept getting a little more and more obvious as the weeks went by. Her birthday is right after Thanksgiving and she usually wants at least one of her kids to give her a holiday-related ornament or decoration for her home. She has a great collection and I just figured that the unusual hint for a table top Christmas tree was just the beginning of a new menagerie of Christmas decorations for the home.

That was until I discovered what exactly she meant by a table top Christmas tree. I was thinking of the traditional holiday evergreen but she was talking about something entirely different. Once she brought the famous artist Thomas Kinkade into the conversation about her table top Christmas tree I began to think that I had the wrong idea.

I know that she is a big fan of Thomas Kinkade but I had no idea what he had to do with her recent mentioning of the table top Christmas tree. Once my visit at my mother’s house was over I decided to check out what was available on the Internet. I was really surprised and pleased by what I discovered.

Thomas Kinkade has a line of different products available during the holiday season. His art is of timeless beauty. His work always reminded me of Impressionist paintings but with a country charm that can not be reproduced. In his new holiday collection is a selection of table top Christmas trees that are truly remarkable.

I knew from the moment that I saw them that they must be the items Mom has been going on and on about. There are quite a few to choose from but I think that I have the table top Christmas tree that I am going to purchase for my mother narrowed down to just three. This was not an easy task by any means. Each table top Christmas tree is lovely.

These trees are made of porcelain and each one has beautiful detail that tells a unique Christmas story. I probably will choose my favorite-the nativity theme for my mother’s first Thomas Kinkade table top Christmas tree. I guess that I shouldn’t worry about which one I choose. No matter type or tree, she will love it. I am prettycertain too that this table top Christmas tree will be the first of many in the Xmas years to come.

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