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As much as I love the holiday season and admire looking at all of the Christmas decor that adorns the surrounding neighborhoods, I shudder at the actual chore of decorating my house at Christmas time. There are those people out there that seem to enjoy coming up with Christmas decor and taking the time to perfect it like it's a science. God love them for it too! My life is far too crazy with raising children and working full-time, to find some extra time to get any really good decorating done.

I have often watched my neighbors organizing their own Christmas decor and secretly wished that I could entice them into decorating my house as well. I see the mall stores and their lovely Christmas decor and I wish that I could just purchase all of it in all of its perfectly glory. A co-worker of mine was bragging about how gorgeous her house was last year for Christmas. I decided to drive past it one evening and my jaw dropped. The Christmas decor at her house amazed me. Her entire yard and house was beautifully lit but tiny little white lights and they all were perfectly hung and organized. There was not a single bulb that wasn't glowing and out of place. I was incredibly impressed and told her as much the next day. I jokingly asked her if she and her husband wanted to be in charge of my Christmas decor as well. She laughed and told me that her house had been professionally decorated. I had never even heard of such a thing. She wrote down a website for me to check out but asked me to keep it between us.
She obviously wanted people to believe that she and her husband had been responsible for the decorating.

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I sat down in my office and immediately checked out the website - To my amazement, it is a decorating company that will come to your home or place of business and let their Christmas decor ideas take over. Within hours, their little elves can have your house or business looking like something from a movie.

I honestly never known that such a company existed to such an extent. I couldn't help but wonder how much it would cost, but their packages sounded reasonable.

Not only would they put up the decorations, but they would take it all down for you as well. That meant that I would no longer have to struggle with unraveling the lights and checking them all before hanging them. I wouldn't have my kids tripping over extension cords while I tried desperately to get all of my Christmas decor placed during their nap times. Many problems and inconveniences would be totally eliminated and my house would look nothing short of spectacular for the holidays. Sort of a piece of Disney X-mas right at my very own house. Right then, I knew that as long as the prices were within my budget, I was going to go forward with this instant Christmas package. I would now spend my holiday Christmas season enjoying my Christmas decor, not hassling and upsetting myself over it.