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My favorite is An Angel Christmas Tree 

 angel christmas tree

One of the best things that I like about a Christmas tree angel is the way its innocence exemplifies the spirit of the holiday. Let me clarify this. The baby Jesus, the virgin Mary, and the three wise men.

There is nothing here about Christmas which is worldly or corrupt. It's all so nice and angelic that, whether you are secular or a real holy roller, you can not deny that the whole thing is made much better by An Angel Christmas Tree decoration. Otherwise, even if you have lights, garlands, and all of the other Christmas fixings, you still will not really have the look that the holiday needs to be just right. Even a manger scene is less important than an Angel Christmas tree hanging. The only thing that says Christmas more clearly is the star on top of the tree, but besides that there is nothing else. 

Getting An Angel Christmas Tree ornament is one of the best ways in the world to really celebrate the holiday spirit with you family and loved ones. When you put An Angel Christmas Tree decoration up on your pine, it will show in the light with a delightful image of Christmas cheer. There are all kinds of Christmas decorations out there that you can get. There are, of course, all of the strings of Christmas lights and maybe a certain christmas display everyone likes, as well as the outdoor Christmas decorations. There are blow up Santas and snow men aplenty, but out of all of this stuff, the thing that shines brightest of all is An Angel Christmas Tree decoration for the holiday season.

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Of course, you can find an Angel Christmas Tree decoration at almost any store. There are two approaches to getting one which both seem to be as good as the other in my opinion. One of them is to just buy as many Angel christmas ornaments as you can. This has the advantage of covering your room in angels from top to bottom, which is very big for a lot of people. The disadvantage is of course of not having the same Christmas effect as if you just gotten a single angel. Most people, by getting only An Angel Christmas Tree ornament instead of several think this is the way to go because it looks much more striking. You be the judge on this one and choose for yourself.