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Christmas Tree Seedling as a Christmas Gift

christmas tree seedling
If you run out of different ideas for a Unique Christmas gift, perhaps a Christmas tree seedling will work just fine. Don't laugh. Christmas tree seedlings may be purchased, already potted, ready to decorate with miniature christmas tree ornaments. Believe it or not with just minimal care, the tree will thrive and give the owner pleasure for years to come. A Christmas tree seedling can be a lovely gift for a family, or one to commemorate a child's birth or adoption. This gift carries spiritual meaning and special memories to the recipient.

Trees have been symbolic for thousands of years, in diverse civilizations, of the tie between man, nature and the spiritual world. The Celts were perhaps the first to plant a tree in their children's name, representing the natural tie between earth and humanity. The Romans, Egyptians and Christians devised similar rituals describing the bond between man and the divine. Many cultures have considered the tree as a protector of children.

The Norfolk Pine is a popular choice for a container-grown Christmas tree seedling in areas of the Midwest. Ask your nursery for suggestions on the best trees suitable to your area and purpose. Christmas tree seedlings may be grown for later planting outdoors in a permanent location.

Bonsai enthusiasts may nurture a tree seedling for five years or more, making a Christmas tree seedling a perfect hobby gift for them. Other choices you might consider for Christmas tree seedling gifts are not trees, but Christmas blooming plants such as the Jerusalem cherry, with its' bright orange-to-red berries, or the Christmas cactus' large and showy red, magenta or bright pink blossoms.

If you want to try a Jerusalem cherry, be aware it does best when moved outdoors during summer. This plant grows to about 18” high and wide, a good size for an entry table or dining room table centerpiece. Decorate with tiny lights, miniature ornaments and a decorative wrapping for the pot, and you're good to go! You can also  harvest some of the fruits for new seedlings for next year.

The Christmas cactus is a sturdy candidate for a Christmas tree seedling. They may be grown indoors or out, and bloom non-stop. You can find these beautiful plants at your local supermarket during the Christmas season, with the pot often already wrapped in a glittery metallic sleeve.

Based on the type of plant you choose, check with your nursery for local growing conditions and care. Make sure you do include this vital information along with your gift.