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Express your love with a Personalized Christmas Ornament

personalized christmas ornament

A personalized Christmas ornament is a unique way of expressing your love towards someone very special to you. It's a token that can serve various purposes. There are many situations that call for such a gift from the heart and you may know someone who would love to have one this year. Following are some ideas for this personal present.

When my husband and I originally set our wedding day ceremony we wanted the event to take place in October. I was disappointed to discover that our church was already hosting a wedding during the week we chose. At first I was saddened but having a November wedding turned out to be even better.

A few of the guests at my bridal shower gave me Christmas ornaments as tokens for the wedding. One of the guests presented a stunning personalized Christmas ornament that represented our first Christmas together. My husband and I decorate the tree together every year and it has become tradition to put the personalized Christmas ornament on the tree first.

The year following our marriage I was about to have a baby. Our daughter’s expected time of arrival was December 31st and we received many presents during the baby shower. One of the presents was given by the same person who was thoughtful enough to get a personalized Christmas ornament for our wedding.

The original present is a treasure but the new one is very dear to us. This personalized Christmas ornament is for our daughter. Since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl and we didn’t know exactly when the little one was coming the personalized Christmas ornament was left blank.

The presenter gave us a gift certificate for an engraving after we found the details of the baby’s birth. My daughter was born a week after her due date but I still made sure to finish the personalized Christmas ornament as soon as I could. Now we place our wedding ornament on first followed by our daughter’s decoration.

On her first Christmas, my husband and I bought her another personalized Christmas ornament and we will continue to do so every year. I can’t wait to tell my daughter stories about the precious gifts as we place them in order on the tree.

As a wedding present for a couple which you will be attending there wedding; you may want to get them a personalized Christmas ornament even if they are not having a December wedding. You can help them start a marvelous family tradition by making this thoughtful gesture of a unique Christmas ornament. It will be remembered every Xmas holiday season when the tree is put up and the ornaments are placed on the tree.