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When December rolls around, the air has a chill to it. Winter is just about here and depending on where one lives, you may be pulling out your sweaters and jackets in preparation for the chilly air sweeping in. Something that most people enjoy though in December is decorating for Christmas. I know that it is something my family and I have come to enjoy greatly. The first weekend of every December, is the weekend that we have decided will always be reserved for decorating for Christmas. This includes a trip to the attic to bring down the boxes of Christmas decorations from the previous years. Each member of the family gets a role in decorating for Christmas. My husband and son are in charge of getting the lights out and tested. Once they are satisfied, they disappear outside for some outdoors decorating for Christmas. They will put lights on our front porch and bushes. My daughter loves decorating for Christmas. She pulls out all of the inside Christmas decorations, dusts them off, and starts on her journey in Christmas decorating for the home. I continue to check up on everyone and decorate the fireplace mantel and inside windows.

Once we are all done with our Christmas decor assignments, we settle in to watch some Christmas movies and baking some delicious homemade cookies. That weekend of decorating for christmas has been a tradition for many, many years. I have passed that onto my family of cource because decorating for Christmas was always an important part of my holiday household when I was younger. My mother and father would assign each child a role in Christmas decor- no matter how small the role was. It made each of us feel like we were contributing and making our own decisions. The house always seemed more festive after we were done decorating for Xmas because we had all put some of our own personal touch into it.

Decorating for Christmas has become a chore for too many people. They get the boxes out and go through the traditional routine of decorating. There isn't too much enjoyment in it. I find that incredibly sad because no matter if you're a family of one or twenty - decorating for Christmas can be such a joyous event. It is a time that you can reflect on memories of previous years of decorating for Christmas with loved ones that may or may not still be with you. It is a chance to be creative and decorate differently than you ever have before but you don't have too go overboard on your decorating for Christmas. You may end up with one of those Christmas yard decoration lawns that has every inch of grass covered with funky Xmas decorations. Please do not turn decorating for Christmas into a neighborhood eyesore.