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Work to get a Discount Christmas Decoration

It's always nice to get the discount Christmas decoration after the holiday season is over. This is where you will most definitely get the best deals all year.

On the day after Christmas last year my sister and I went bargain shopping. Neither one of us had ever gone shopping the day after Christmas so we thought it would be fun. We did not have any items to return, nor did we have a shopping list of things that we needed to get.

I was hoping I would find the discount Christmas decoration bins that I had heard so much about from other shoppers. My daughter and son are both just starting out on their own so I thought I could find some decorations to get them stated for next year. We agreed to meet late in the morning and we planned to shop for a few hours and then meet our husbands for drinks and lunch at my sister’s house. We were going to bring home a pizza and watch professional football for the afternoon.

I could not believe the number of people at the mall. It took me a long time to find a parking place and I was certain that my sister would be waiting for me. I arrived at our arranged meeting place, but my sister was not there. As I was waiting for her I saw a woman walk past with a huge bag of decorations. I heard her mention that the discount Christmas decoration selection was really good this year. My sister arrived. She had a hard time finding a parking space and had to walk through most of the mall to meet me. She was excited and wanted to go back the way she came because she had seen large discount Christmas decoration bins in front of one of the higher quality department stores. She said the sign on the bins stated that the items were eighty percent off.

We made our way back to the department store. We could see the discount Christmas decoration bins and the signs, but there were so many people that we could not actually see what was in the bins. Eventually we were able to make our way to the bins. The discount Christmas decoration bins and tables still had many items on them. Most of the items were dated collectables. Neither my sister nor I collect this line of decorations, but I thought I would buy two, one for my daughter and one for my son. Maybe they would choose to start collecting the ornaments.

We spent the next hour looking at sale items and decided that we had enough shopping. We went to the grocery store and picked up snacks and a deli pizza and went to watch the football game. We decided that the discount Christmas decoration that I bought was not worth the hassle of fighting the large crowds. We will most likely not go again this year. It just was not worth the hassle.
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