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What you should do is hop online now and check out the Top Ten Christmas Gifts of 2006. There are various opinions on this, depending on who is doing the survey by the way. Well you know what I mean; which store is doing the survey.

The holiday season always seems to be right around the corner, wouldn't you agree? I guess it could just be my personal perception of things, but I swear that Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years were just here. Maybe this is simply due to the fact that my wallet is still feeling the pain. Regardless, the holidays will soon be here once again. Now, you know what this means. You'd better start searching high and low for all those great Christmas gifts now. Whatever you do, do not wait until Christmas Eve! This is a major no-no. Everything you had planned on purchasing will probably be gone. That's the way it works around the holidays. What you should do is hop online now and check out the Top Ten Christmas Gifts of 2006.

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Isn't it cool how you can simply pop open a Mac Power book and get a load of the latest Top Ten Christmas Gifts known to man? Well I think this is awesome anyway. I love the fact that I can research and shop at the same time and do it all from the comfort of my couch.

I am one of those individuals who hate going to the shopping malls around Christmas time. No thanks! If you've done this before, and I'm sure you have, then you must know that it sucks! I have never seen so many people in all my days. I once did the day after Thanksgiving thing, and I will gladly admit that I'm never doing it again. I was at a large mall near Portland, Oregon and the parking lot, although massive, was jammed packed. And I do mean jammed packed. We drove around in a traffic jam of cars all looking for empty spaces. It was ridiculous. In retrospect it was actually a waste of time. I mean who really needs malls today anyways? We all have access to cyberspace. This is much larger and easier to navigate than a crowded shopping mall. I can open one page to find the Top Ten Christmas Gifts of 2006, and then another to search for them at the lowest costs available. It's that easy.

Now, before you go ahead and purchase the Top Ten Christmas Gifts, you'd better make sure they apply to the folks you're buying them for. A fancy video game system sounds awesome, but don't bet on your wife liking it. Find one of the Top Ten Christmas Gifts that actually apply to the individual's personality. And, as I mentioned earlier, the top ten will most certainly depend on who is performing the survey.