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Go to Flee markets to find a Antique Christmas Decoration 

antique christmas decoration

Walking through our local antique store several years ago, I came upon the most exquisite antique Christmas decoration that I had ever seen. I frequent antique stores fairly often, usually just for browsing. Every once in a while something catches my eye that I absolutely must have. This antique Christmas decoration was one of those items. The cost for this antique Christmas decoration was only $20 and I scooped the tiny angel up and proudly took her home. After I cleaned her up somewhat, very delicately, it revealed a tiny angel sitting on top of a gold ornament with elegant filigree surrounding it. I assumed that there had once been a small bell inside of the ornament but that had long since been lost. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that she most likely dated back to the early 1900's. I was enthralled. She was gently placed on top of our family Christmas tree when the time came.

Often times, treasures such as the antique Christmas decoration that I found can be found in antique stores or at auctions. I've even found some simple treasures at flea markets. You simply have to have patience and a keen eye for them. Of course, everyone sees something different in antiques. What I find to be breathtaking, someone else may find to be appalling. It is all in the eyes of the beholder. But, I knew that I had found something very special in my angel antique Christmas decoration. After doing more research, I found that it was valued at approximately $150. Not only had I been lucky enough to find such an antique Christmas decoration, but I had gotten a real bargain on it as well.

The reason that I am drawn to antique Christmas decorations is because of the elegance of the years gone by. More time and elegance was placed on holiday decor many years ago. People took the time to make decorations by hand and make each one differently. Today, decorations are produced in factories and many households across the world have the exact same decorations. Previous time periods didn't have the luxury of factories. Everything was different and made with care. When things were made in that manner, the elegance was always obvious. It still is. With the antique Christmas decoration that I'd managed to find, you could tell that someone had put quite a bit of time and energy into making it. The etchings were perfect and the sense was that someone had put quite a bit of time into creating it. When finding such a treasured antique Christmas decoration, it is almost as if you are keeping that time period and that creator alive in a sense. The memories and the story of that antique Christmas decoration
continue to live on when it is seen at the top of my family's Christmas tree. Take some time to walk through an antique store. See if anything catches your attention. Perhaps you will be fortunate enough to find an antique Christmas decoration like I did. Or something even better.